Do I need a reservation? Yes. All of our trips are done by reservation. Since we operate by meeting you at the river, we need to know you are coming. Reservations are made through our website or you can check same-day availability by calling (919)866-1954.

Can I make a reservation for an hour from now? Sure, but for anything same-day, give us a call at (919) 866-1954 rather than booking online.

Do you run trips year-round? Nope, we generally run trips from mid-March through end of October. Exactly when we start and when we end is dictated by the weather. We use a rule that the water temperature plus the air temperature needs to equal 120. Once that starts happening consistently, we will start running trips.

Are your trips suitable for beginners? Absolutely. Our Quick Trip is a great way for beginners to try kayaking for the first time. Our Long Trip is a bit more of a commitment, but is also suitable for beginners. The biggest obstacle in both trips is being able to navigate the boat around trees and sandbars in the river, no other special skills are required.

Are there rapids? No, our trips are all on flat water. There are some restrictions on when we can run trips because of the flow of the river. We will notify you as soon as possible if there are any issues with your trip.

Will I get wet? Definitely plan on getting at least your feet wet. Paddles drip and people splash, but if you really want to stay dry, you can stay mostly dry.

Do you rent tubes? Sort of. We rent long, pointy, hard tubes called kayaks. Ok… no, we don’t rent tubes.

What about kids? We are generally in favor of them. See our rules on kids. We I.D.

Do I have to wear a life jacket? Yes, but so does everyone else.

Where are you located? We are at the base of the Capital Blvd bridge over the Neuse River. We are 3 miles north of 540  if you are coming from Raleigh or 4 miles south of highway 98 if you are coming from Wake Forest. 9601 Capital Blvd, Wake Forest, should work for your GPS. A map and detailed directions can be found here.

How much does it cost? That depends on what you want to do. Find prices for River Trips here and prices for Rentals here.

Do you sell kayaks? If you fall in love with your kayak during the trip and want to take it home, we can make that happen. We also sell our used kayak fleet each year towards the middle of October or early November. Sign up for our newsletter for news about boats and boards for sale.

What happened to the shop? We closed it on Oct 31st, 2013. Read why here.

What should I wear? Well, first off…clothes would be a good start. Preferably clothes that provide sun protection. Maybe a hat. Sunscreen would be good. The biggest thing to consider is that your feet will get wet. Wear closed-toe shoes that you can get wet. Don’t wear flip flops. Consider this hypothetical (actually happened) scenario. You’re the first person to load into your kayak and you step into the river with your flip flops on. As you do, the flip flop slides sideways and instead of protecting you from that sharp rock, you plant your bare foot right on it. Since it is sharp you let out a scream that only 2-year olds are capable of under normal circumstances and jump up. When you jump up your other flip flop slides sideways and you come down on a sharp rock with both feet. This, of course, then causes you to fall sideways into the river and since your flip flops are not really attached to your feet by anything other than toe-power, they both come off. Conveniently, they float. So you and the 26 other people in the group who saw this happen are able to watch them slowly float out of your reach and down the river. Don’t be that guy.