Fly By

I sat huddled against the river bank, trying to let the low shrubs block some of the stiff 20-degree wind. It was’t really working. I had been slowly working my way down the Neuse River near Raleigh looking for deer. Instead, I was getting frostbite. As the sun was finally getting high enough to warm the river I saw this enormous heron flying straight towards me. He was working hard against the wind, but I knew I was in the perfect spot to get some good pictures as long as he didn’t see me . I slowly raised my camera and pressed the shutter. Instead of the satisfying, “Click, click, click” that I’m used to, I heard a, “Beep, beep, beep.” That’s when I remembered that I had turned on the 2-second timer for a picture I had taken earlier in the morning. So I only got one picture (2 seconds after I pushed the button), but I think the end result is actually pretty cool.

in flight

***This is a series we’re calling, “The Story Behind the Shot.” The idea is to tell the story behind pictures taken along the Neuse River and around Falls Lake in the Raleigh and Wake Forest areas of North Carolina.