Memorial Day Weekend Special

The Neuse River is cranking. It is forecast to be over 4000cfs for most of the next 7-10 days. Falls Lake is over 4 feet higher than usual. That means no river trips for us until it comes back down (Including over Memorial Day Weekend). That being said, there are still tons of options for you to get on the water this MDW (That’s what the kids call Memorial Day Weekend – or so we heard).

Tired of reading already? Here’s the code you came for: MDW2018. Fine Print: Good for 30% off Take-Away Rentals only Friday  5/25/18 – Monday 5/28/18. Boats or boards must be returned by Monday 5/28/18 at 5pm.

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Where to go

We love the Upper Barton Creek Boat Launch and then paddling back under the bridge (It’ll be obvious when you get there). There can be a bit of boat traffic. It is a boat ramp, after all. Other great options are Beaverdam, or the Falls Dam (There is a semi-hidden kayak launch here that is awesome. Standing on the dam, looking at the lake, it is on the left side down the stairs). All of these are going to be busy on MDW. Falls Dam will probably be the least busy, but it also has the least parking, so it is a gamble. Go early to beat the crowd, the heat, and maybe get a killer sunrise:


What to bring

This is basic flatwater paddling. A hat, sunglasses, and lots of water (it’s gonna be hot). A camera or binoculars, if you are into that kinda stuff, are good choices too. It is common to see ospreys, herons, cormorants, deer, and lots of swallows (the higher water gets you within a couple of feet of the swallows nests under the bridge at Barton’s Creek). If you’re lucky, you may even see a bald eagle, beavers, or bears (we made that last one up – although, I guess it could happen). 


Boat Choice

Kayak vs SUP. Ahhh, the endless debate. Either a kayak or SUP would be great for the lake. Since you’re deciding the distance, speed, and location, you can tailor any of those to your level of experience. The only caution we would give for SUP-ers is that there is a good bit of debris in the water (because of the higher water, everything that was on the forest floor that is now floating), so just be willing to tuck, roll, and splash if your fin hits something and you aren’t quite ready for it <insert ker-splashing noise and laughter from your companions>.

Shameless Plug

We rent kayaks and SUP’s – it’s what we do. Take-away rentals come with everything you need to use and transport the boats/boards. Don’t have a truck? No problem, we provide straps to secure it to the roof. No roof rack? No problem, we provide foam blocks to go between the boat and your car. Want to start before we open in the morning? No problem, you can pick it up the night before at no extra charge. Have a motorcycle? That actually might be a problem. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get out on your own adventure.

Rentals can be booked in advance here or click here for the full info about our Take-Away Rentals. For same-day rentals, give us a call at (919)866-1954.