Capital Blvd. Parking Pass

Paddle Creek, or an incarnation thereof, has maintained an access point to the Neuse River at Capital Blvd for over 25 years. We welcome and encourage you to use the launch at Capital Blvd. However, we have incurred a lot of expense due to some unseemly characters who have vandalized and mistreated this otherwise awesome river access. Several years ago, in an effort to help maintain a good relationship with our landlord, we instituted a parking pass policy for Capital Blvd. The money raised goes to maintain the road access and pick up trash left by messy people. Unfortunately, the fees do not cover the costs. We want to continue to be able to lease the access and allow others to use it as well, so please make sure you pick up after yourselves, and park in designated areas outside of the turn around.

Purchasing a One-Time Parking Pass allows you to use the launch once during business hours. Print the receipt from your purchase and that’s your pass. You’re good to go.

Purchasing an Annual Parking Pass allows you access for the remainder of the calendar year that it is purchased in (All passes expire 12/31). It also allows after-hours access via a unique code that will be mailed to you with a parking pass within 7 days of your purchase.

Buy an Annual Parking Pass
Buy a One Time Parking Pass