New Kayaks for Neuse River Trips

blogsound1The boys tried out some new kayaks for the upcoming 2013 Neuse River kayak trip season.  We have been using Perception Charters for the last couple of years.  They were good boats, built on the Perception Prodigy mold, however the hatches kept getting lost and we had some seat issues.  We are demoing these boats this winter to see if we can get the performance and stability that we enjoyed with the last kayaks. Bob, Pete, and Bill paddled the Neuse last week when it was 800 cfs.  They took out the Perception Sound 10.5 foot and Perception Sound 12 foot.  The capacity on the 10.5 is almost 300 lbs.  The stability was great and it performed nicely.  The best part about the boat is no hatch.  It does have ample space to store your gear in the back with easy access.  Our most popular trip is 1.5 hours, by the time most people were done getting their items out of the dry storage and putting the hatch back on their trip was almost over!  Still need to do some more testing, but so far so good.