Special Events

Special Events

Every now and then we like to get all dolled-up and put together something fancy. Here’s what’s coming down the pipe:

Wednesday, September 12th – Military Appreciation Day

All military personnel (Active duty & veterans) and their families enjoy 25% off of Quick Trips with Military ID. Use the code: THANKYOUSEPTEMBER at checkout. Book a trip here.


September 15 & 16 – Public Safety Weekend

Firefighters, Police Officers, and EMS enjoy 25% off of Quick Trips with ID. Use code SAFETYFIRSTSEPTEMBER to book in advance. Book a trip here.


Monday, October 8th – Columbus Day Paddle

Columbus sailed the ocean blue, why don’t you come exploring too! ‘Cause ol’ Christopher just doesn’t get enough hype. Use the code OCEANBLUE to get 25% off of all Quick Trips. Book a trip here.