Mid-Season Used Boat Sale


Mid-Season Used Boat Sale

For the first time ever, we are selling kayaks mid-season

While we generally wait until the end of the season to sell any boats, we have a handful of older tandem kayaks that we are offering for sale now. Right now, it is only tandem kayaks. At the end of the season, as usual, we will also have solo kayaks and SUP’s.

They have been well taken care of, but are several seasons old and all have at least one repair made to them. Structurally, they are great, and they are 100% water tight (we still use them every day). Cosmetically, however, they are a little rougher than we like. Because of that, we are offering them at a $100 discount from the price you’d pay in the Fall for the same, but a little prettier, boat.

Shoot us a note at info@paddlecreeknc.com or call us at (919)866-1954 if you’d like to make an appointment to come see/purchase a kayak.

Kayaks For Sale

Jackson Rivi-T tandem kayak- $550 $450 (Click for Pictures)
* 13’10” Long
* 34″ Wide
* 76 lbs
* Capacity 450 lbs
* Stackable for easy storage
* No moving parts to break
* Replaceable skid plate to protect bottom from dragging
* Available in green